Searching for my new breakfast

I kind of feel really strange this couple weeks. Wake up in the morning and don’t feel like eat anything, but I am hungry. When I see right, meats, and other things like usual, I feel a bit noxious. I guest the reason kind of add up about the story of meats lately.

The story could be simple, but it stays in the head really long. One in awhile it come back, even sometime we forgot. There was a man in a very small traffic accident, but somehow he broke his right lag. That was a bit of unexpected to see.

Last week, somehow I came across a 6:24 mins video about how meats process in the mass level. While seeing animals were killing by machine and so many people prepare those meats, I thought about the meat I have been eating.

The meats might look so clean, but when you see this video you kind of feel like you are done. I felt like that. I feel like I want to change my meal to be served in a different setting now.

I thought about my breakfast first. Because of the feeling I didn’t work well, as well as eaten. I have not eaten breakfast for the last week because I didn’t find my option. I am hungry and my stomach is really real mad with me now. The lunch and dinner does not make me feel good either. Its hard to find a good none meat in Phnom Penh.

I want to move back to my fruiterian diet, but the fruit still can’t make my stomach satiated. Though, want I want to try again and maybe gradually increase.

Anyway, while ride my bike look for my breakfast today, the first time in a week I eat breakfast, I thought of a simple homemade breakfast(?). What if I bought a back of tea pack, some milks or soy milk, bread and some fruit to try. Well, it is still in the head, but I am going to trying for the next weeks and see.

It’s kind of funny. I don’t why I thought write on here, but I think it’s fine to express the self. I like the environment that can offer me 100% of express about myself.

If you read till this section, and feel like me. Please feel free to leave a note and join my experiment. Thank you.


Call for liked-minded online learners

Hi Friends,

Greeting from SmallWorld! I am taking an online course. It is free. And looking for some people to join and challenge me. There should be around 5 to 10 people to study any subject we want. The idea is for all of us to create our own study curriculum.

The reason is that at most school, we are told to do from morning to evening. We go to school to learn and experience, but mostly we only go to do what are told. We don’t learn much after all. To me, we can learn so much, when we are learning what we want to learn. So now is the time. Join and challenge me and yourself.

We have to hold each other accountable, which mean we responsible for our own education. We can do weekly skype to catch up. And probably once a month to meetup for a discussion and presentation.

We can create our Personal Master of Arts Program (Personal-MAP). It is going to be fun, challenge, educational and always BE.

Let’s me know what you guys think. I will start my Startup Course next month. Re: And below are links to find your favorite education.



A letter to one a good friend

​Do what you want, make sure you know what you want. 
What we want has many tricks. Sometime, what we want is what we do. Sometime, what we want is our goal we want to achieve. Sometime, ​what we want ​​is something else. 
Work with reality. I always encourage to be a bit unreasonable, because it is most people are trap. Unreasonable and stubborn have it own benefits, but it is also trap for fools to be in. Both of these two are based on emotion. Emotion is great but it let’s 
other circumstances take advantages over our life. 
Don’t work with emotion. Decide with courage and a plan of action. 
​I love you there and your humbleness to help others. That is why, I am telling you these things. It is all my life experiences from being unreasonableness and stubbornness. 
Hope this does not let you think I teach you, but its stead sharing ​a life experiences. Although, I don’t have much in my life for you to learn from, but this is what I have. And I do this with care and respects to you.


Zig Ziglar was a God-like figure in Personal Development and Sales Training. He summarized his entire philosophy, point of view and message as follows.


He was about ATTITUDE. So are we.

You need to believe that to “GET WHAT YOU WANT” (Make more IMPACT, have more INCOME to Fund Your Vision, etc.) you have to “HELP ENOUGH OTHER PEOPLE GET WHAT THEY WANT.”

It’s sometimes hard to put yourself in the INVESTOR’S proverbial shoes, but I believe they want:

An Opportunity to MAKE a DIFFERENCE.
A Chance to Move from SUCCESS to SIGNIFICANCE (in Drucker’s words).
A Meaningful Way to HELP You Achieve Your Impact.
To get what you WANT … help other people get what they WANT!

It’s easy to say sorry than to get permission

There a word saying “it’s easy to say sorry than to get permission”.

I moved to Phnom Penh after high school in 2004. I was living in a pagoda, while I worked day time as a private English and Khmer Teacher at an orphanage and study in evening.

I alway wanted to know whats a 5 stars hotel feel like. One time, I walked to a gate of a hotel and asked a security guard; can I come in to visit? He looked and asked “why do you want to go in side”? He looked at me and my cloths many time and say “no, you are not allowed”.

I was very disappointed and upset the guy. I went back to pagoda to look for inspiration and strategies. I went to libraries and look for self-help books. I was told by a book that if you want some just go and get it.

Sometime later, I went back with a cheap sunglasses and a short and okay looking shirt. Somehow looked like a tourist or someone from middle class family. I walked in this time without asking anybody. I went to lobby of the hotel. Reception/service asked how can I help you and serve water. I said thank you. I am waiting for my friend. She ask “what is your friend room’s number?” I said “I forgot”, but he will come soon. I changed the subject to ask about the room and how long she work in the hotel and many thing about her.

An hour or so later my phone alarm ring like a phone call. I walk away to talk on the phone like I was talking to people. After talking to a fake phone call, I said thank you to hotel girl. My friend is waiting for me outside.

This lesson taught me so much. Its was not about lying. I was not intend to lie to steal anything or make anyone hurt. I was just curios and want to experience, but most people don’t share or give opportunity to young people. As a young boy, I had to do that. So, I am not regret. In fact, it was so much fun. I did many other thing later :-)


When ride a bike today. A gang motorman hit my bike slightly from my back. I looked at him. He looked at me. He looked like want to blame me, but we passed each other and go on our own way.

One of the think I thought was, what if the guy want to get in a fight? Would I really want to fight? Am I fear? I thought, I had a little fear too. but then I could do many things, I thought. I could run very far, swim very far, ride very very far. I have traveling the world and gone to so many place and have met so many people. What would I afraid of?

Would anybody in particular could hurt me physically? Would somebody could kill me? What would happen if I die?

When I think about dying compare to things I have gone through so far in the past till now. There is not much to be afraid of. Then, my fear has gone away.

Death is actually the worse thing to think about, but it is the best thing to scare all fear and embarrassment away. We can do many things in a short time, if we don’t have so much time to think.

ASEAN Social Entrepreneurship

I guess, I am still not good enough in front of Camera. I MUST try harder. Anyway, the funny here is that the Youtube program translate my name from Rithy Thul => Pretty Tool. Don’t you think so? See the transcripts below read more error made by Youtube program, but they are funny to read :D

Watch the video to see what myself and SmallWorld are doing for the last month.

0:15welcome back to programs you know what she has seen this is reporting we start

0:18up with a special report conserve the are setting up social enterprise is

0:23believed to be one obvious solutions to social problems that bed understanding

0:27towards such a device bc needed find out more details in this report

0:32at the workshop on the establishment of a network of experts and inclusive

0:36entrepreneurship ball kanzi and with focus and persons with disabilities

0:40and now they’re vulnerable groups pellet in thailand over this month delegations

0:44from tim arson countries share at their views experiences the social enterprise

0:49believed to be a solution for social problems

0:53officious editing icn terrible for fifty six million persons with disabilities

0:58and around two hundred million poor people which tend to increase therefore

1:02establishing social enterprise is expected to impoverish these groups of

1:06people to have access to economic development and job opportunities


1:12better understanding about social enterprise among entrepreneurs is first

1:16needed as it’s different from traditional enterprise because these


1:24traditional businesses which we don’t just focus only upon

1:29as a social

1:30and then you can not only make money

1:32but you have to also make sure

1:34doing in the right

1:35leaving business activities that you do

1:38on making lives

1:40holding ourselves up to a higher moral standard pop operations

1:45brings in many challenges that we

1:47their traditional

1:49uh… companies do

1:52cambodia’s delegation member pretty tool the social enterprise promoter

1:57said that there is a growing number of people who are interested in social

2:00enterprise in cambodia but they’re still confused about what exactly did spend

2:05what impacts the pass in society

2:09more work to do

2:10to uh… arms communicate what’s there was a friend of crime

2:14but uh… in malibu any at uh… opinion

2:17i think um… richard focused on forget about social enterprise that acetone

2:23thing about the call while you are what we have time to do

2:27income of stabbing

2:28an organization paid up for profit on on profits

2:32but one of the call problem we have time to solve

2:35and step dad for about ninety nine

2:38about trying to do in cambodia

2:41he also believed media would play a significant role in promoting to quarrel

2:45calc use of social enterprise and educating people

2:48in on zee and to have bitterness standing

2:51wolpert as jane austen countries who become one community in two thousand

2:55fifteen which is expected to promote every racial integration of the

3:00delegations saying that this will must contribute to the success of social

3:04enterprise networks in icn

3:07stop at pat harmful austin business report

3:11and that’s a wrap for eighty arts night we thank you for watching dating every

3:15weekday at night at ten p_m_ on compared to eighty i didn’t mean to be seen and i

3:20have that happened how have a good night and psychopath psychopath