About Me

Hi, I am Rithy Thul. I am from Cambodia. Trying to upgrade myself to become a global citizen. I am still to figuring out what does it mean to be a global citizen, though.

I enjoy exploring the provinces of Cambodia by bicycle. My freelance job is leading local and international tours all across Cambodia, mainly focusing on education and development. I spent two years working and learning about development with PEPY Cambodia. I also have spent 2 summers traveling throughout the U.S.A refining my bike and leaderships skills in summer camp programs.

I am also the organizer and founder of KhmerTalks. A sharing idea event inspired by TEDxPhnomPenh, I first join organize with some friends. The inaugural KhmerTalks had over 37 team organizers and over 200 participants with over 2000 active participants on social media outlets.

My strongest passion is to see people pursue happiness in life by working through heart and soul. I have been working to execute plans for establishing a creative space for entrepreneurs for the past two years. Finally, I could start start the coworking space with three other friends in Phnom Penh. My dream is to have a space where young Khmer can test and refine their business ideas while contributing to the overall social and economic well-being of Cambodia.

The business that I am passionately run in the mean time is SmallWorld Cambodia and Toursanak Adventure

About Blogging 

I have created many blogs, but never want to stick to any of them. The reason was that I did not have any reason to keep working with those blogs.

Now, I feel like I should have one place where I can express my feeling and record what I thought. Sometime it is a very valuable piece of arts, an invisible arts, for me to look back after times and learn from it.

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