Is changing the world good?

Recently, I was asked and mentioned many time by many people. A couple days ago, a young boy at SmallWorld said being unique is hurting or making live more difficult. Why? He spoke in the sense of referring to me, while we had lunch at a local restaurant.

It’s because I was only eating fishes and I only use one folk to eat rice. Usually, people eat with spoon and folk or/and knife. I just feel I don’t need spoon.

This is a reminder for me that I don’t try to be different. I was and am only being “me”. The most important thing was and is that it does not hurt anyone that I do this.

Also, I feel like eating animal meats rather than just fishes, vegies, and fruits would make me feel sick. Though, I have been eating meats all my life. So the change is made feel a bit more hungry, but I feel great about myself.

Anyway, I think “you don’t have to change the world with what you do, but you should not allow the world change you from what you want to do. If you really think be who you are and do what you do make you happy and does not hurt the world, you should continue”.

Men who want to change the world alway messed up the rest, because he forgot who he is himself.

In contrast, it is also important too for self to see ourselves mistakes and have the courage to change ourselves by ourselves.

It’s just a half a cent idea.



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